Dealer Returns

Retailer guarantee program: To streamline the replacement process, if a customer returns what the retailer deems defective product and can provide the original receipt or warranty card from the sleeve package, KMC USA will send the North American retailer replacement sleeves for any and all sleeves that were replaced by the retailer. To take advantage of this guarantee program, please contact and provide the receipt and/or warranty cards. KMC USA is prepared to replace defective product on a monthly basis for all North American retailers, so that no retail store is ever out of product. Through the retailer guarantee program, retailers can provide pain-free customer service for all customers and everyone wins.

To participate in this Dealer Program a Retailer must:

  • —Have their primary business reside in North America. We are KMC USA and do not cover other regions.
  • —Purchase the KMC USA products directly from us or one of our Distributors
  • —Have a “B & M” store and/or a dedicated web store related to the gaming industry
  • —Provide documentation of the players purchase from them
  • —Have in their possession a sample of the damaged sleeves. We may request photos to help troubleshot an issue
  • —Contact Us at
  • —Replacements will be mailed out on a monthly basis, if not more frequently
  • —Sales from third party vending sites such as Amazon or eBay are not covered under this program