KMC USA Re-brands 100ct F/S Hyper Matte

KMC USA Re-brands 100ct F/S Hyper Matte

KMC USA re-brands and releases first ever 100ct Hyper Matte packs with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

On July 16th, KMC USA will be releasing new Hyper Matte 100ct sleeve packs. Previously available in 80ct packs, this was done to specifically address a consumer need from the MTG Commander community. KMC USA conducted a large scale Facebook poll asking what consumers would like to see most from KMC USA. Overwhelmingly, the community wanted Hyper Matte sleeves available in a 100ct option. With this new release, customers will also notice KMC USA packaging’s new look. Although in new packaging, these are the exact same sleeves as the gold label Hyper Mattes recently reviewed by Tolarian Community College. This review can be found here: .

In an effort to mitigate gray market sleeves entering the U.S. market, KMC USA has decided to completely re-brand their flagship products in a “USA Limited” red, white, and blue design. While the “USA Limited” product’s distribution is LIMITED to North America, it is not a limited time or quantity run and will continue to be available for the foreseeable future. This serves two purposes, the first is to allow customers to easily identify the high quality KMC product that is only available through KMC USA. The second is to guarantee the quality of its product. KMC USA will gladly replace any defective sleeves in this packaging, as customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. KMC USA extends this guarantee to all products purchased through any of our distributors, any of our retailers, and any brick and mortar LGS’s (regardless if the point of sale is in house or through their web site). This guarantee does not apply to “third party” sales site such as Amazon, eBay, and others. These sites have their own product satisfaction guarantees in place. KMC USA has gone to great lengths to restore consumer confidence in the brand including a new “Retailer Guarantee” program (detail’s below).

Retailer guarantee program: To streamline the replacement process, if a customer returns what the retailer deems defective product and can provide the original receipt or warranty card from the sleeve package, KMC USA will send the retailer replacement sleeves for any and all sleeves that were replaced by the retailer. To take advantage of this guarantee program, please contact and provide the receipt and/or warranty cards. KMC USA is prepared to replace defective product on a monthly basis, so that no retail store is ever out of product. Through the retailer guarantee program, retailers can provide pain-free customer service for all customers and everyone wins. Visit here for more info:

For more information on KMC USA and how they differ from the KMC Corporation that manufactures KMC Sleeves in Japan please follow this link: